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T-Shirt Manufacturers
T-Shirt Manufacturers

Who are the T-shirt Manufacturer?

Where do I get quality t-shirt manufacturer?

Who are the high quantity T-shirt manufacturer?

These answers in Carlo Potti

Carlo Potti, which has been serving textile industry for many years in its factory, is a Manufacturer of T-shirts all over the world. In the T-shirts manufacturing, we deliver the requested product to you at the due date and quantity.

As Carlo Potti, we manufacture T-shirts. We carry out our productions in our factory located in Istanbul. If you want, you can come to our factory or you can contact us by phone and tell us the product and quantity you want.

T-shirt manufacturing is a detailed and important issue. The type, color, quality, price etc.of the fabric. There are important criteria. First of all, the T-shirt you want from us; fabric quality, printing, color and the quantity to be produced is determined. When the model is determined, the necessary raw material is taken. We supply all the raw material required for T-shirt Manufacturing. We provide you with a cheaper and quality way with our long years of experience on where the necessary materials can be obtained more quality and cheaper.

For this reason, our customers usually want X quantity from this model after determining the model. We do all the operations in our factory from the purchase of the necessary fabric, cutting, sewing, ironing and packaging. We then send it to your requested location. When we perform these operations, we deliver T-shirt on the dates we have determined.

As Carlo Potti, our only goal is customer satisfaction. Therefore, after each stage of production we perform quality control.

 If you want to work with the industry's leading manufacturers of T-shirts, you are in the right place. You can get more detailed information by contacting us. Contact: +90534 946 70 95

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