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Trouser Manufacturers
Trouser Manufacturers

As a Trouser Manufacturer, Carlo Potti is the leader in the sector, has been serving you since 1997. Essential of Men trousers models are using mostly in daily life. That’s why trousers should be relax and comfortable. A significant detail in men's trousers is to ensure that the skin breathes with the fabric structure. It should also be the focus of attention with its elegance. Carlo Potti, is the sector leading manufacturer of trousers, is to produce both healthy and stylish trousers with the knowledge and experience provides for many years.

When it comes to the world-wide manufacturers of trousers Carlo Potti is leading the sector. Producing trousers models and alternative color options, it appeals to people from all walks of life. The production of pants consists of 7 stages.

- Style choose: Style for age, fashion, climate and purchasing power.

- Fabric choose: The fabric is examined according to the determined model and the fabric is selected.

- Pattern preparation: choosed pattern for model.

- Cutting: fabrics are cutting  with suitable pattern.

- Sewing process: The process of the formation of the pants with the cutting fabric and auxiliary materials.

- Ironing: The surface structure of the fabric to be seen in a smooth fashion is the process of ironing.

- Prepare to sell: After ironing process finish, goods be in package and read to sell. 

Our customers require the model, quality and quantity, necessary controls are done in our factory. During the production of trousers, quality control is carried out in each of the stages mentioned above. In this way we are a Trouser Manufacturer not give change to compromise mistakes.

We are trousers manufacturing all over the world.  We deliver orders in the dates in which we produce the trousers in the way and in the quality you want. Welcome to Carlo Potti, if you want to work with specialist trouser manufacturers and keep it going. You can directly contact for detail informations, Contact: +90534 946 70 95

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