Turkey Apparel Manufacturers
Turkey Apparel Manufacturers
Turkey Apparel Manufacturers

 As Turkish Clothing Manufacturers, Carlo Potti is leading company in the sector, produces ready-to-wear clothing all over the world, especially in Europe. Since 1997, Carlo Potti has been leading the manufacturing of men's clothing in Turkey.

Products produce;

- Accessory


- Shirt 

- Coat& refeer jacket& overcoat 

- Belt

– Tie

– Trouser

– Bowtie

– Suit

– Vest & waistcoat

We produce our products in our factory located in Sultangazi, Istanbul. After determining the type and model of the product you want, we deliver the desired quantity to you. It is not easy to be a leader in the sector as Turkey apparel manufacturing. There's a reason Carlo Potti is on top This is due to our production without compromising quality and experience. We pay attention to every stage of our products and make quality control process at every stage. Our processes are proceeding as follows:

You communicate with us to determine the draft of the product you want. We are creating a model for this product. After the model is approved, the necessary fabric is supplied and we start cutting according to the molds and sizes. After cutting, we provide sewing and packaging of the product and send it to you. We carefully apply quality control procedures in each of the product production phases.

If you are looking for the best clothing manufacturers in Turkey, you are in the right place.

For detail informations, you can contact with us directly. Contact: +90 212 638 72 52 / +90 534 946 70 95

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